Rape is rape, don’t politicise it

PM Narendra Modi spoke about the recent cases of rapes in Unnao, Kathua and Surat. Addressing the world at Central Hall Westminster on his four-day visit to the United Kingdom, Modi said that rapes are a matter of serious concern for the country.

Taking a jibe at the politicisation of the rapes, PM Narendra Modi said, “How painful it is when a little girl is raped. How can you say that these many women were raped during our government and this many during yours? Rape is rape. How can we bear this?”

Reiterating that the incidents of rape and sexual assault on women is a matter of grave concern for the country, PM Modi said that why don’t parents question their sons.

“At the Red Fort I had said that when a girl comes home late, her parents question her, ask her about who she went out with, who is she talking to. Why don’t they do that to their sons?”

Condemning the cases of rapes and sexual assault, Modi said that it is difficult to fathom how can someone inflict this much pain on a woman. “The rapist also comes from a family, he also has a mother,” Modi added.

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